Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) is a non-profitable knowledge think-tank fuelled with the mission of better preparedness for the future. Born during the pandemic of Covid-19, FCRF realized the growing need for digital awareness and building an ecosystem of cyber-safe India.

FCRF truly believes in the idea of India taking a lead in digital space and making its critical infrastructures, business, corporate, institutions, and society ready to meet future challenges.

FCRF’s mission is to provide customized digital solutions to each section of society. At FCRF, we bring in a pool of talented professions from the digital space together to share their knowledge and skills. Our primary focus is to conduct webinars, training, workshops, research, whitepapers, surveys, online campaigns, market researches, advocacy, policy documents, reports, research studies, books, and study materials along with the team of professionals associated with us in India and abroad.

Our area of focus remains in-depth study and research in the field of cybercrime, corporate fraud investigation, internal investigation, financial forensics, cyber law, Intellectual property domain, data protection, General Data Protection Regulation, Privacy, internet governance, smart manufacturing, forensic accounting and auditing, data breach, start-up policies, geopolitical analysis, and public affairs.

We conduct training programs with state governments, child rights, and women empowerment NGOs across India. Our stronghold in the research, public participation, media reach, conference, 360 approaches, and policy ecosystem enables us to deliver the maximum impact.


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