Upcoming Webinar

How to build your own Future Crime Investigation Lab using free/opensource tools.

Topics Covered

1. Mobile & Disk Forensic.

2. Network Forensic.

3. Domain Investigation.

4. OSINT, Darkweb Forensic.

5. Cryptocurrency Investigation.

6. Deciphering Cloud Logs.

7. Social Media Analytics.

8. CDR/IPDR/PCAP tool.

Details of Events

Date:- 09/09/2022 Friday

Time :- 11:00 A.M - 02:00 P.M

Venue - Zoom Meetings


Saumay Srivastava,

Threat Intelligence Researcher

Founder ThreatCops.com

Lt Col (Dr.) Santosh Khadsare (Retd.),

VP- Digital Forensics & Incident Response

eSec Forte

Kritarth Jhala,

Sr. Scientific Officer

National Forensic Sciences University

Abhinav Saurabh

Cyber Forensic expert